City Lights

by Nick Soru

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Backed by the Bars and Tone trio as a production team, SORU has found his signature sound. Melding elements of R&B and Hip Hop with a Rock influence, that sound is something unique and entertaining: modern, yet clearly inspired by many timeless artists.


released August 21, 2014

Executive Produced by SORU
Recorded by Gruw Raw
Mixed by Sean Blake
Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Productions
Photography by Antoine Ryan
Graphics by Denise Audette



all rights reserved


Nick Soru Ottawa, Ontario

Born and raised in Canada’s capital, SORU strives to create a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of urban music, blurring the lines between R&B and Hip Hop.

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Track Name: Crash
[Verse 1]
The worst is yet to come
Brace yourself for impact
Once the deed is done
We might not get this thing back

But The fire won't die
No matter what I try

Pardon me but your a part of me, honest
You probably fiending for all of me, on it
But I won't just give you me
And I won't just let you be

No matter what I try

Where do we go?
How do we get there?
How do we know
We won't be upset there?

Moving slow, moving fast
Barely moving, crash
Moving slow, moving back

[Verse 2]
The best is yet to come
So can we cut the chit chat?
Your chest, your legs are numb
Blame me, I did that

But The fire won't die
No matter what you try

Pardon me but your a part of me, honest
You probably fiending for all of me on it
But I won't just give you me
And I won't just let you be

No matter what you try

[Chorus x2]

I don't wanna quit it cause I'm out of sight
I don't wanna hit it cause I'm out tonight
I don't wanna bruise such a fragile heart
I don't wanna lose cause we're miles apart

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Wait ft. The Unkwn
[Intro (SORU)]
I can't take the sounds
Of the take offs or the touch downs
Miles from infatuation
Pulling the strings of adulation

[Chorus (The Unkwn)]
But if you wanna go babe
I guess I won't force you now
But if you wanna come back
I guess I'll be waiting around

[Verse 1 (SORU)]
But I don't wanna wait
Too long for you baby
I wanna see you right now
I'll cover the ground
I covet your brown skin sugar

And I don't wanna take
Too long for you baby
I'll fly just to see you right now
If you want it I'll
I'll go the distance, for instance


[Verse 2 (Tony)]
When you kissed me goodbye
Lips soft like red roses
Made my heart stop cause baby
You know whether

You’re near or far I’ll
Run just to find you
Don’t wanna ever let you
Go, go, go

All this time now we are here
From miles apart all this is real,
So strong inside, the way I feel
My heart beats for you, this is real


[Outro (SORU)]
I can't take the sounds
Of the take offs or the touch downs
Miles from infatuation
Pulling the strings of adulation
Track Name: I Don't Know ft. Sean Blake
[Chorus (SORU)]
I don't know where to go when I'm
Lost in the world, I,
I don't know what to say when I'm,
Lost in your girl, I,
Don't know what to do,
I don't know
I don't know
I don't know

[Verse 1]
(I don't know, but who the hell cares)

I'm lost I'm lost
I don't know where to go next
I'm picking up all the pieces
Working it out, like a Bowflex

A Rolex couldn't keep track of time enough
I'm blind enough
To miss what's sitting right in front of my face
Like it's a kinda bluff

Me & you, two kind of people
Your dreams would have materialized
Had it been equal

Truth of the matter is
The latter is fecal
The former has to warn you
I am magnificent, regal

You had me
But you chose to leave
So I went about my business

I don't care
I don't give a fuck
But you wish you were still in this

I know, yup yup (x3)
I know
Knooow, yup yup (x3)
I know...


[Verse 2 (Sean Blake)]
I been writing since
I was just a teen
Been living on a dream
Time for me to roll my sleeves up

Get my hands dirty
Put a little work in
Get up out this hole
Stop living like a servant

To money,
And power and material posessions
Cause I move with more pain
Than a funeral procession

Cause I been all concerned
With like "Where the hell my funds at?"
Never stop to think
Like "Yo where the hell my friends at now?"

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Indulge
It's obvious you feeling me
But you know I'm feeling you too
So then why are we at a stand still?
Why don't we just go?

[Verse 1]
We've been comfortable for a minute, now
Where we gonna go?
I'm saying I ain't tryna slow you down
I'm quicker than most

Even when I have it all
There's something I want
I know what I'm going for
Even if you don't

In us
Indulge in us

In us
Indulge in us

[Verse 2]
You said you didn't wanna tell me yet
You wanna be sure
Then out the blue, it came to you
Spontaneous & pure

Even when you thought you'd fall
There's something that soared
Started going through withdrawal
Couldn't hold back any more


I wanna hear you tell me
And when I hear you tell me
Only then will I say
Cause at the end of the day

Track Name: Beautiful
Yeah I'm looking at you
Nah, we don't see the same thing

[Verse 1]
Minus 4 in each eye
It's never been so clear
This new prescription's
Better than last year

It's probable
Your optical
Uh, well
It must be an obstacle

Open your eyes
Tell me what you see
Could be differently
If you just listen to me

I swear, you are just
I swear, I swear that
You are

You are beautiful
The most beautiful
Compliment that I can give to you
But you need to believe it for yourself, you are

[Verse 2]
All pictures pale in comparison
More like a picture perfect lie
When I, see your frame
Through my frames, I can't believe my eyes

You're atypical (you know why?)
Cause you're not a typical girl
I see you, girl, I see you
I see you, girl, I see you

Open your eyes
Tell me what you see
Could be differently
So if you just listen to me

I swear
You are just
I swear, I swear that
You are

[Bridge (x2)]
You are just beautiful
I'm telling you girl
You are beautiful

Track Name: Hover ft. Ray
[Verse 1]
If I had my way
I would have you on the dance floor right now
The right thing to say
Is let's dance and let's boogie to the bright hour
Don't think I'll just follow
Like you need to be lead, let's go together
Take off, let's be on our way
You and me, baby we can dance forever

I came here to dance tonight
With you by me I just feel so light
Try it take my hand you'll see
That we can float together endlessly

Hey come with me
We can hover
Hover hover hover
Say we can be
Until it's over

[Verse 2]
Let's try it my way
Lemme show you what I think about a good time
We might fly away
Really high, you and I, baby it's no crime

Don't act like you don't wanna
Get up or get down to the music
We got that rhythm so
Move your feet to the beat and let's use it



Do you wanna dance with me?
Baby you can take my hand and see
Yeah I wanna dance with you
It can be just us two
We can go...

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Next To You
[Verse 1]
There's nothing that I'd rather do
Than watch you be, yeah, yeah
Next to me, here with me

There's only one thing left to do
That we ain't done yet, yeah
Lie with me, baby please
You should relax and breathe, yeah...

Girl, Stay right there
I wanna some time to look at your body
Wanna be right next to you
Be right next to you, oh

Don't go no where
I wanna take some time before we go on and
Wanna be right next to you
Be right next to you, oh oh

[Verse 2]
Do me a favour, allow me to savour
This moment, yeah yeah
Discover, my lover

Recover the covers, satiate
And appreciate you, yeah, yeah, yeah
Going to be holding you
'Til you say you're ready, yeah...


Baby please stay right there (stay, stay)
Stay right there (right there)
Don't go no where

I just wanna see you laying next to me babe
We ain't gotta do anything, let's just chill babe
You and me, we can be, anywhere is our fantasy
All I want is you next to me babe

[Verse 3]
Staying up later hours
Taking great showers
During and In between
With great prowess

I love how the water feels on your skin
So on a whim, I'll take you there
Take one is done, take three later
But I wanna chill before we have take two here

Look what you did, it's kinda humid
And lucid, I don't see quite well
Recuperating - I lose the race
But I choose the face that I make you feel

Feel your skin, I'm fittin' win
Before we go any further
I wanna know I got the rest of you
Cause it's just the best when I'm next you

Track Name: Dopamine
[Verse 1]
I ain't never had a rush like that
But I love it just like that
Am I gonna have to rush right back?
Yes, No
Can't be lying to myself though
She be vital to my... ah yeah
She be vital to my health though

And every time I pass her by
I tell her hello
When she say "hi"
She get me way high
(Female talking)
Snap out of it,
But I bet she know

Girl you are so dope
(So dope) So dope
That walk is so mean
(So mean) So mean
You are so dope, I mean
You are my dopamine
Dopamine x 4

[Verse 2]
I wanna know what you did to me
I wanna know what you did
What did you do to me?

I wanna know, I wanna see
I want you to tell me what you did to me
I'm losing myself, it's an emergency
I need you, I need you, I need you badly

I wanna, I wanna
I gotta, I gotta,
I need to know what you did, up in my bed
Cause I'm bout to go and lose my head


I don't wanna leave x4
I don't wanna leave your side

But I gotta leave x4
Gotta leave your side
Cause I can't rely on your high, babe

Track Name: Something Missing
I wanna love
I wanna love you x3
I wanna love

I wanna love
I wanna love you x2
I wanna love

There's something missing though
Track Name: Little Dream
[Verse 1]
If every now and then,
It seems to occur again (yeah)
You're probably thinking too much (yeah)
There you go thinking too much

And if you saw my face
Would your heart start to race?
If I wasn't right there (right there)
Would it turn to a nightmare?

I wonder what kind of day
Brings you to think of me?
I hope you're alright
Sleep well tonight

Dream a little dream baby
Maybe dream of me
No don't dream of them baby
Don't you dare dream of him

Dream a little dream baby
Maybe dream of me
Give me this moment in your bed,
In your head

[Verse 2]
If every now and then
I'm running through your head again
You're probably thinking too much
I told you not to think so much

If I started showing up more
Doing what I used to do
Would you still be unsure
If I appeared to be there for you

If I showed up every night
Would I change your mind
Would you admit it out loud
Or proudly keep sleeping, well


No, no, no, no, no
I'm always dreaming of you
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of me, yeah

It's leaving me wondering
Are you doing the same thing?
It's leaving me wondering
Do you feel the same way?
Track Name: Bad Hi ft. Gruw Raw
[Intro (SORU)]
Is this a goodbye
Or a bad hi?
I'm on a bad high

Tell me is this a goodbye...
Or a bad hi?
Feel like I'm on a bad high

[Verse 1]
I be that type of dude
To pick up girl and make her fall for me real quick
But I just wanna hit, I ain't tryna get
With her I'll admit, the chick is real thick

So we been going out but all along,
Really, she ain't even wit it
So we get it in then you think it's wrong?
Really? We already did it

How you gonna talk with all that pretense?
How you gonna act like that with no sense?
No one forced you, what you chose to do
Think back, no offense but

What I meant was, if you choose to
How do I use you?
You confuse me, excuse you
Let me go find another girl that I could spit truth to

You said, you'd be there and
You went out somewhere and
I can't figure out
Where you've been going

I've been, so sincere and
I think, you're pretending
You can't, give me
All that shit you on


[Verse 2 (Gruw Raw)]
The last time we said goodbye I'll admit I was afraid
That I would never love another as much as I did you but
Once that benevolent smile melted I was able to glance
At the real woman behind the mask up and the make up

When you chose to hide
You chose to run
I chose to seek the truth, at all costs
Broke, and broken when I stumbled upon

A text that you sent and tried to keep secret
I can't believe you casted me in the part
Of a cheater who gets cheated
Quite clever though I must say

You played the innocent role perfectly, I fell in love
While you fell asleep at the wheel an ran right over
Everybody in your way
So pump them brakes when tryna lay the blame on me

Don't you remember?
Don't you remember?


[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Huck The Faters ft. Y. Bully
[Verse 1 (SORU)]
Honestly, I could give a damn
What they saying
They ain't fam
They ain't on our side

(You know) You know I'm your man
I ain't playing
When they scam
They be all disguised

No matter what they say
Or what they do
We gonna always be alright
We gonna always be alright

We gonna be alright,
I told you this, all the loneliness
Is no longer yours, it's our fight,

I came to grips with the fact that
We gonna have to make this weakness our might,
I've fallen for the wrong person in the past
Told myself next time I'd fall right

And I did
So now
All my

Troubles turned to rubble
But the haters start to huddle
But they the wrong picture
It just ends up looking muddled

The rumours and the jealousy embellish the
World we live in,
But don't give in,
I want you, and that's a given

I don't...
Give a damn bout what they feel
As long as you know this thing is real
As long as you know this thing is real
Huck the Faters girl

[Verse 2 (Y. Bully)]
Girl I know you feeling how I'm
Dressed up this evening, your eyes,
Giving me reason
To approach you and I mean,

There's a fine line between
Blowing up the scene
To, getting a little closer,
You know what I mean

I'm a man you can be with
Always blowing green ish
That sticky, yeah, that icky, yeah
That flower got you seen shit

But hold on I won't let you slip
I got you girl just catch a grip
Cause seeing is believing
And when you see me baby, don't forget

I'm the man with checks
And I demand respect
I like Aniston girls
With no Ben Affleck

So here's my address
You can meet me on my mattress,
And we can get it on
Fuck till the early morn

Then I'm gone
I gotta get back to my paper
My route
And put my fuckin' hand up to you haters

We made it, you lazy
To be honest, it was easy
What was hard was the fact that
Everybody close to you kept two faces

Huck the faters


Huck the faters, girl (x3)

Huck the faters, girl
Huck the faters, hey
You don't want em
You don't need em
Huck the faters, hey

Track Name: Made It ft. Nakiem
And it's the G.O.D.

[Verse 1 (Nakiem)]
Yo, Look,
From the womb to the tomb
I remain great
The buffoon niggas lose

Crack brews
Roll blue & cocoons
Stay screwed
Leave the competition bruised

And I swear I'm the hot shit
Do business, bake,
Make this cake
Then I screw bitches

Who is it?
It's The G.O.D., foo'
Make em bow down
Like Allah do, I'm awful

My bars go hard
Like a male porn star do
Been broke for too long
My nigga this is our food

My food,
Bitches bend over like they tie shoes
Lifting up their skirts
Like a nigga still in high school

Then I meditate
Burn sage and write haikus
Then I regulate
You all know how I do

Smoke to the face
Got my laughing at my rivals
Ain't nobody fucking with my crew
My nigga what?

[Chorus x2 (SORU)]
I just wanna say we made it, made It
It was all for the taking, taking
Tell em all
We Made It (x4)

[Verse 2]
I just wanna say we made it
To what degree? Yeah,
Maybe that can be debated
I stated

Everything the light touches here
Is for the taking
I took it, I jab left
Faking right while I'm hooking

I'm booking
Way passed you and it's long past due
I crash through
The 613 need a rep and I'm that dude

That food, It's all for me
It ain't hard to see
Don't bite the hand that feeds you
Cause if you do I'll make it hard to eat
I got bars of heat

Truth -- listen up,
Way too many y'all weak as fuck
Way too many y'all wack to me
Actually, factually

The uninspired and bored ones
Are only looking for more funds
If that crowd is yours
I know one thing's for sure

You're not me, you're sloppy
You copy the Top G
You're time's up, I son you
I'm father time, can't stop me

My dreams I won't sell em
Won't forget em or dispel em
My people got my back so I tell em


Ottawa (Ottawa)
Cap City, yo we made it
Deadringer, yo we made it

Told my mama take a look cause I made it
Told my girl don't worry cause I made it
No matter what you say
I made it anyway

[Verse 2]
Driving down the 417
From St. Laurent straight to Orleans
Gotta scoop Sean Blake and pick up Q
Get The UnKwn, we got work to do

We got words for you
Well, okay,
Maybe a word or two,
Like fuck you, we in
We nice, we win

Then Young B roll through
And Joe Nativv come too
Got a full house, got a dope team
You wish you were onto

B rolled one, passed me the blunt
Told me hit it just a little
I don't smoke, but if we sell out Barrymore's
I promise I will

One time, just one time
I'll try it out for this one time
Q say "what you mean once?
All the time is bun time!"

Raw just sitting there
Nodding his head like I agree
I said I'm sorry homies
You know that shit just ain't me

I put on for the OT
I'm about that Cap City
From Switzerland to Cali
I'm about to bring it with me

Deadringer Huck the Faters
We the best out
You ain't heard no shit like this in so long
Ain't nobody wanna test now

[Chorus x2]