by Nick Soru

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released October 20, 2016

Written & Performed by Nick Soru
Produced by Carde Blanche, Cino, Jiggy Hendrix, Frank T
Mixed by Gruw Raw, FTRSL
Mastered by FTRSL



all rights reserved


Nick Soru Ottawa, Ontario

Born and raised in Canada’s capital, SORU strives to create a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of urban music, blurring the lines between R&B and Hip Hop.

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Track Name: Oh Yeah (That Thing)
Verse 1:
You don't know what it is
That you do to me
Do you? Do you? Oh

I don't mean be rude
But I gotta say
I wanna do you, do you, oh yeah

I could say you're fly, It's your style
When you smile, drive me wild
But that ain't it though
Don't know how you do this
You the truest, got me clueless so
All that I can say is oh

Oh yeah x3
You got that thing
Oh yeah x2
I don't know what it is but you got that thing

Oh yeah x3
You got that thing

Oh yeah x2
I don't know what it is but you got that thing

Yeah you got that
Got the basics girls wearing their thot cap
Get it? Cuz they lame
And they always go insane
Tryna figure where you shop
Where you cop that

And I'm sorry, but the way you move remind me of Lauryn
Remember when she sang
That thing, that thing , that thing

You could tell em why
But they wouldn't understand it
You can visualize
What they can't even imagine
They try real hard just to make it all happen
But you don't ever try, you don't even plan it

You just walk up in this thing lookin
Mm mm good
If I could, then I would, explain
But all that I can say is

That thing, that thing
You got, You got, that thing
That thing, that thing
You got, You got, that thing
Track Name: Chillin'
Verse 1:
Do you remember laying on the beach in a cover?
Wrapped up, all snug, none but, each other
You keep on, fearin that we'd ever stop
Well me um, I'm feelin we gon hit the top

And with the limited amount of time I have to make you mine
I can't afford to mess it up cause I can't hit rewind
I have one chance for this dance, to romance you
I promise I'ma have you feeling so substantial

Verse Outro:
Everything that I wanna do with you
After all the things we been through
We can just chill we don't gotta go crazy
Long as I'm doing it with my baby

It don't really matter what you wanna choose
Cause when I'm with you there ain't a thing to lose
I know my baby the top of the class
There's just this one thing that I need to ask

Why does everybody wanna turn up? Turn up
Why does everybody wanna turn up? Turn up
Do we really gotta get turnt up? Turnt up
Why does everybody wanna turn up? Turn up

Don't matter what we do if we chillin
Long as it's me and it's you and we chillin
Ready for whatever come new and we chillin
Chillin, yeah we chillin

Verse 2:
We can chill up on the couch girl
It's whatever you about girl
If you wanna watch a movie we can do that while you do me
Then we can switch scenes and visit the whole house girl

I know a TV show I could put you onto
If you don't want that, you could put me on you
We can play games, I can show you how to super smash
Talking Nintendo, I ain't talking bout that

Verse Outro


Track Name: Waste My Time

Go, I wanna I wanna
Go, I wanna I wanna
Know, If you wanna you wanna
Go, Cause I don't wanna waste my time


I mean it when I say (What's that?)
I ain't tryna wait (Okay)
Don't have time to waste (No way)
So why you tryna play (Come on)
Believe me when I say (What's that?)
I ain't tryna wait (Okay)
Cause I don't wanna, I don't wanna
I don't wanna waste my time


Now are you with me or against me
Can't stay sitting there on the fence b
Other dudes they be lacking immensely
I give you the flow, and the front row, best seat
You can see, I got substance like chemistry
The right elements with the right pedigree
Mix em all up with the vocals on the beat
And I turn heads like damn, who is he

I be all about advancement
So I'm worried way less bout advances
But I get a check through my work
The effect is the world know my worth
Been trill since birth, oh
Nobody slowin me down, so
If you ain't holding me down, go
Any blockade in my way
I'll just have to tear it down



Verse 2:

Ever since I moved to the city
Had to start over from scratch
Cuz I left everything
Back home

Now I'm makin moves who fuck with me?
Trust me I'll remember that
You can see who got your back
When you alone

Now I'm somewhere foreign, 6 but no 1 3
So don't no one know me
Back in my home town the studio flo
Was just so easy

Now I'm here with no
Recording capabilities, it's killin me
It's deja vu I'll make it through
And make sure that you're feelin me


Chorus x2
Track Name: Stillness
Verse 1:
Are you down with me now
Do you need time to come around
If so then tell me now or let it go
It's more than just a need to know
More than just a need to know
Cause you're

Higher than angels
Higher than halos
Wiser than Plato
But you

Don't know what to do
Don't know your value
So now we're stuck here
And there's

Chorus (x2):
Stillness, will this
Ever change? Hey
I wanna know
I wanna know

Verse 2:
Exploring your inner desire
I'm lighting your fire
Just tell me
What do you require?

I wanna make you my queen
But I need to be your sire
I'm liking where we are
But I wanna take us higher



Bridge (x2):
Higher, higher
Can we go higher
(plus haut, plus haut)

Higher, higher
Can we go higher
(let's go, let's go)

Track Name: It'll Work
I know you worry too
All that I can say is wait until the day when
I come through, no more substitute
Promise it'll be worth all the pain and all the hurt

Cuz it'll work, it'll work
Girl I promise that I'm down
So I'm tellin you right now
It'll work, it'll work
If you got me then I got you
And you got me and I got you
It'll work (x8)

Verse 1:
It'll work like a good plan
It'll work like a 9 to 5
Just sayin though
It'll work cuz it got to
It'll work cuz I got you
Ain't playin no
It'll work cuz it's meant to be
It'll work cuz you meant for me
Don't worry baby
It'll work cuz I got my baby
There ain't no hurry baby

I ain't ever met nobody that can move
The way that you move
I ain't ever had nobody to treat me
The way that you do

All I can say is I got you
No matter every single thing we go through
Cuz you got me trippin
And tripled my vision, it's you girl, it's you girl, it's you



Verse 2:
Baby it'll work out, like a gym and
Baby it'll work now cause it didn't then
Baby I know you got worries, thoughts and apprehensions
But it'll work out, did I forget to mention?

Cuz I know I done said it to you bout a thousand times
A thousand times, said it bout a thousand times
And I'ma keep on sayin it just for your peace of mind

Track Name: WTV You Want
You're natural, a pedestal
Is what I put you on babe
We can go to the store, or stay at home
Chill and kick it all day

See it don't matter what you after
I'll give it when you say
What you need, you got with me
I hope you can relate


You, whatever you want
Baby it's you, whatever you want
I said it's you, whatever you want
Baby it's you, whatever you want
Say, Whatever you want
Whatever you want

Verse 2 :

And I promise that
I'll give it to you baby
You're the only thing
That's been on my mind lately

Everything I do, I do for you
So if there's one thing
I want you to do
It's tell me you



I'll give you what ever's in my means
Baby I just want you on my team
I need you here, by my side
Tell me you are down to ride
And no matter where we go
I want you to know

Chorus x2
Track Name: Dance With Me
Verse 1:
I can tell that you're fed up
I can tell you don't wanna play games
But I just can't let up
Til I have you movin my way

Don't tell me that you don't know how to dance
That don't mean nothing
Listen baby if you gave me half the chance
I could show ya lil some

You say you ain't ready
Let me know, let me know when to go
We can start off steady
Then we can, then we can hit the floor

I'll help you unwind
Baby let me ease your mind
I just wanna make sure that you'll
Have a good time

It don't matter how fly I am
It don't matter how fine you are
If we both gonna be posted on the wall
It don't matter how fly I am
It don't matter how fine you are
If we both here looking lonely
If we both here looking lonely

Dance with me I'll make you be
My baby, my baby
Come on and
Dance with me
I'll make you be
My baby, my baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 2:
So what it's looking like now?
What you wanna do?
I see you lookin right now
And you know that I want you

Moving is easy, let me show you how
Get close to me and listen to the sound
I don't care who's around
If we movin too fast we'll slow down

Tell me when you're ready
Now you know, now you know when to go
Been through this already
Every time, every time we get close

Let me use my finesse
As a way to relieve your stress
And baby be, with me
I'll make you see



You can stand there looking lonely
Or you can come here and move with me
All I really know is you got to be
Gotta be grooving with me

You been sitting all alone all night long
Cause your friends found a man and they done moved on
So you can get on up and we'll get down
But this the last chance that you'll get now

Track Name: Where The F
Where the fuck did you go?
Where the fuck did you go? (Oooohhhh)
Where were you when I needed you? (Yeah)
Shit you may as well stay home (Okay, say)
Where the fuck did you go?
Where the fuck did you go? (Oooohhhh)
Where were you when I needed you? (Yeah)x3
Shit you may as well stay home (Okay)

Verse 1:
If the wrong muhfucka try to press me
All I do is laugh
You can try and test me
All I do is pass
You cannot finesse me
I got to much class
I'ma take your ass to church
Make sure you stay for mass

I ain't got time
For the snakes or the fakes
And the stakes way high
Cuz I ain't got brakes

Ever since you left
No stress
So I guess
That it's just
For the best
[Pause] Yes

Don with the cam
He shoot that shit
Now the comments on the gram
Like you dat shit

I would take ya girl fam
But I got my chick
So my homie subbing for me
He gon do that quick

So Watch out
All them wack fools
You better watch out
You fake tattoos
You bout to wash out
You break my rules
Look what you got now
Didn't need you then
Later, and not now

I im,press my, mother,fuckin, self
I don't, need no, mother,fuckin help
I won't, tole,rate no, disres,pect
I'ma, have to, put your ass in check like

Verse 2:
How you gon fix these shits
How you gon nix what's Nick's
Don't make me come for you next
Don't make me come for your neck

No sugar coating
I'm always so blatant
Please shut the fuck up
When I'm stating my statement

5 staaaaars
You know that they rate it
5 staaaaars
There ain't no debatin

Tell me what's next, watch me while I flex
You can learn a thing or two now, who down
Even with a couple lessons like 2 trials
You cant kick it or chop it up with my Kung fu style

School's out for the summer
But you aint come around aw man that's a bummer
Cuz them beats bang real hard like a drummer
But you went ghost, stone cold, no stunner (no surprise)
Like what the fuck