Made It ft. Nakiem

from by Nick Soru

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And it's the G.O.D.

[Verse 1 (Nakiem)]
Yo, Look,
From the womb to the tomb
I remain great
The buffoon niggas lose

Crack brews
Roll blue & cocoons
Stay screwed
Leave the competition bruised

And I swear I'm the hot shit
Do business, bake,
Make this cake
Then I screw bitches

Who is it?
It's The G.O.D., foo'
Make em bow down
Like Allah do, I'm awful

My bars go hard
Like a male porn star do
Been broke for too long
My nigga this is our food

My food,
Bitches bend over like they tie shoes
Lifting up their skirts
Like a nigga still in high school

Then I meditate
Burn sage and write haikus
Then I regulate
You all know how I do

Smoke to the face
Got my laughing at my rivals
Ain't nobody fucking with my crew
My nigga what?

[Chorus x2 (SORU)]
I just wanna say we made it, made It
It was all for the taking, taking
Tell em all
We Made It (x4)

[Verse 2]
I just wanna say we made it
To what degree? Yeah,
Maybe that can be debated
I stated

Everything the light touches here
Is for the taking
I took it, I jab left
Faking right while I'm hooking

I'm booking
Way passed you and it's long past due
I crash through
The 613 need a rep and I'm that dude

That food, It's all for me
It ain't hard to see
Don't bite the hand that feeds you
Cause if you do I'll make it hard to eat
I got bars of heat

Truth -- listen up,
Way too many y'all weak as fuck
Way too many y'all wack to me
Actually, factually

The uninspired and bored ones
Are only looking for more funds
If that crowd is yours
I know one thing's for sure

You're not me, you're sloppy
You copy the Top G
You're time's up, I son you
I'm father time, can't stop me

My dreams I won't sell em
Won't forget em or dispel em
My people got my back so I tell em


Ottawa (Ottawa)
Cap City, yo we made it
Deadringer, yo we made it

Told my mama take a look cause I made it
Told my girl don't worry cause I made it
No matter what you say
I made it anyway

[Verse 2]
Driving down the 417
From St. Laurent straight to Orleans
Gotta scoop Sean Blake and pick up Q
Get The UnKwn, we got work to do

We got words for you
Well, okay,
Maybe a word or two,
Like fuck you, we in
We nice, we win

Then Young B roll through
And Joe Nativv come too
Got a full house, got a dope team
You wish you were onto

B rolled one, passed me the blunt
Told me hit it just a little
I don't smoke, but if we sell out Barrymore's
I promise I will

One time, just one time
I'll try it out for this one time
Q say "what you mean once?
All the time is bun time!"

Raw just sitting there
Nodding his head like I agree
I said I'm sorry homies
You know that shit just ain't me

I put on for the OT
I'm about that Cap City
From Switzerland to Cali
I'm about to bring it with me

Deadringer Huck the Faters
We the best out
You ain't heard no shit like this in so long
Ain't nobody wanna test now

[Chorus x2]


from City Lights, released August 21, 2014
Featuring Nakiem
Written by SORU, Nakiem
Produced by Sean Blake
Graphics by Denise Audette



all rights reserved


Nick Soru Ottawa, Ontario

Born and raised in Canada’s capital, SORU strives to create a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of urban music, blurring the lines between R&B and Hip Hop.

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