Next To You

from by Nick Soru

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[Verse 1]
There's nothing that I'd rather do
Than watch you be, yeah, yeah
Next to me, here with me

There's only one thing left to do
That we ain't done yet, yeah
Lie with me, baby please
You should relax and breathe, yeah...

Girl, Stay right there
I wanna some time to look at your body
Wanna be right next to you
Be right next to you, oh

Don't go no where
I wanna take some time before we go on and
Wanna be right next to you
Be right next to you, oh oh

[Verse 2]
Do me a favour, allow me to savour
This moment, yeah yeah
Discover, my lover

Recover the covers, satiate
And appreciate you, yeah, yeah, yeah
Going to be holding you
'Til you say you're ready, yeah...


Baby please stay right there (stay, stay)
Stay right there (right there)
Don't go no where

I just wanna see you laying next to me babe
We ain't gotta do anything, let's just chill babe
You and me, we can be, anywhere is our fantasy
All I want is you next to me babe

[Verse 3]
Staying up later hours
Taking great showers
During and In between
With great prowess

I love how the water feels on your skin
So on a whim, I'll take you there
Take one is done, take three later
But I wanna chill before we have take two here

Look what you did, it's kinda humid
And lucid, I don't see quite well
Recuperating - I lose the race
But I choose the face that I make you feel

Feel your skin, I'm fittin' win
Before we go any further
I wanna know I got the rest of you
Cause it's just the best when I'm next you



from City Lights, released August 21, 2014
Written by SORU, Raw
Produced by Sean Blake
Graphics by Denise Audette



all rights reserved


Nick Soru Ottawa, Ontario

Born and raised in Canada’s capital, SORU strives to create a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of urban music, blurring the lines between R&B and Hip Hop.

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